Review Policy


I am currently accepting books for review as long as they fall into the age category of Young Adult, New Adult and Adult but for different genres for each. I prefer diverse books with #ownvoices but I would read a well-researched book as long as it isn’t harmful. You can check my Goodreads account for books I’ve added to my TBR.

Contact is restricted to email and I’d prefer not to receive messages via Twitter or Goodreads although I’ve got them listed in my About page.

All reviews are 100% my own opinions and I write them myself. I try to be as critical as possible in both good and bad books.

My rating system is the following:

Five stars: excellent book, would probably read again, or read its sequel, has excellent representation that I didn’t find an issue with.
Four stars: great book but some aspects didn’t appeal to me
Three stars: not bad but not great book, made me uncomfortable.
Two stars: did not enjoy that much
One star: possibly harmful, would not recommend.

These ratings do not fall into Goodreads’ rating system but I will use them on my own blog. For any cases of star reviewing, I will be explaining further more why I rated any book the way I did. My review will also be posted on Goodreads once the post is live on my blog. I like to keep things synced so I might read a book and release the review closer to its release date.

On to genres I read by age group:

Young Adult
Fantasy, both urban and historical is acceptable.
Contemporary is welcomed, bonus if it’s LGBT+ and/or diverse.
Historical fiction if it’s really interesting.
*I accept romance in all genres.

Adult only if diverse #own voices
Historical fiction

New Adult preferred diverse #ownvoices but will read even if it isn’t

In the case of #ownvoices about sexual orientation, if the author isn’t out, I do not expect them to be outing themselves for me, I will read but with precaution since I am wary of books that aren’t #ownvoices.

Extra note: I read through my iPad, using Bluefire Reader (so you don’t need to worry about me sharing  your protected book on the internet) and I prefer books in ePUB format for a more comfortable reading experience.

Thank you so much for reading and respecting my guidelines. Have a good day.