REVIEW: Love, Hate and Other Filters by Samira Ahmed

31207017Title: Love, Hate and Other Filters

Author: Samira Ahmed

Release Date: January 16, 2018

Rating: ★★★★★ / 5 Stars

Genres: Contemporary YA 

A searing #OwnVoices coming-of-age debut in which an Indian-American Muslim teen confronts Islamophobia and a reality she can neither explain nor escape–perfect for fans of Angie Thomas, Jacqueline Woodson, and Adam Silvera.

Maya Aziz is torn between futures: the one her parents expect for their good Indian daughter (i.e.; staying nearby in Chicago and being matched with a “suitable” Muslim boy), and the one where she goes to film school in New York City–and maybe, just maybe, kisses a guy she’s only known from afar. There’s the also the fun stuff, like laughing with her best friend Violet, making on-the-spot documentaries, sneaking away for private swimming lessons at a secret pond in the woods. But her world is shattered when a suicide bomber strikes in the American heartland; by chance, he shares Maya’s last name. What happens to the one Muslim family in town when their community is suddenly consumed with hatred and fear?

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First Lines Fridays 🌱10

img_4120Hello, Beautifuls.

A lot of my friends have loved this book but I’ve been so bad at reading backlist books because well… I’m broke all the time and barely have money for ebooks (and I usually get a lot of romance) but I got this one and wanted to use the first lines for today!

First Lines Fridays is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words.

It’s bizarre to be so nervous about seeing the person who knows me best, but the past year hasn’t been so kind to Lionel and me. 

I’m standing outside LAX on a sun-soaked afternoon in early June when my brother’s navy-blue sedan screeches to a halt a few feet away. Part of me doesn’t mind that he’s thirty minutes late, because I needed time to get used to the idea of being back home. But now he’s here and my heart is thumping like it’s going to jump out of my mouth and there’s nowhere to go.

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Book Tag: Brooklyn Nine-Nine



I was inspired by MYSELF because I’m the smartest person… Also… I’m Gina Linetti. Speaking of, I really love this show and although it has its flaws, I would still stab a b*tch if it got cancelled.

Anyway, to celebrate the great coming out of bisexual Rosa Diaz, I decided to make a book tag! The rules are:

  1. Link to the creator (so far, I haven’t seen a tag like this so… I am the creator…)
  2. Tag 2-5 people (or not… not a big deal.)
  3. You can use the graphics in this post (or not) but please credit.
  4. Answer the prompts, have fun, and spread the B99 joy!

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REVIEW: Permanent Ink by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn


Title: Permanent Ink (Art & Soul, #1)

Author(s): Avon Gale & Piper Vaughn

Release Date: August 7, 2017

Rating: ★★★★★/ 5 Stars

Genres:Contemporary Romance


At twenty-three, Poe Montgomery is going nowhere. He still lives in his father’s basement and spends most of his time tagging with his friends. When an arrest lands him in debt, Poe accepts the front desk job at Permanent Ink, the tattoo shop owned by his father’s best friend, Jericho McAslan. Jericho is nearly twice Poe’s age, but with his ink and prematurely graying hair, he quickly takes the starring role in Poe’s hottest fantasies.

Jericho is known for his ability to transform poorly designed tattoos into works of art, but he was once as aimless and misdirected as Poe. Wanting to pay it forward the way someone once did for him, Jericho makes Poe his apprentice and is determined to keep things strictly professional. Easier said than done when Poe makes his interest—and his daddy kink—abundantly clear.

Jericho can’t resist Poe or their intense chemistry for long. But between the age gap, tension with Poe’s father, and Poe’s best friend calling him a sellout, they’ll need to ensure they’re both on the same page before they can rewrite their rocky start into something permanent.

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LIST: November Wrap Up

img_5215Hello Beautifuls!

I took on quite the challenge last month to read more of my arcs (UNFORTUNATELY I got accepted for more… When will I stop requesting?) But I had a reaaaaaaaaaally good November. I read so many excellent books. I’m trying out a new layout for my wrap up post and I’m doing it by posting books based on rating!
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