Beta Services

Hello Beautifuls!

I’m trying out, tentatively, doing a very affordable service for fellow reviewers, which is beta reading.

Basically, I will receive your review via email (in my contact) and read it for grammar, spelling and even flow of ideas. I am not doing this because I need intense help with money, but because I figured a lot of reviewers love writing but they might not always love editing.

For every review, I am charging $1! This is the price for a review under 2000 words. I am currently going through a summer vacation so I’ll be available.

I accept payment through Paypal which I’ll link to satisfied customers. I accept payment after I’m done with my work, unless it’s a big document (10k words), then I will need guarantee.


  • >2,000 words = $1
  • 2,000-5,000 words = $3
  • 5,000-1,000 words = $5
  • 10,000 words = $7


For any additional inquiries, send me an email via the contact page!

Thank you so much!