About Mariam and their Yummy Books

If you’ve reached this page, you’re probably wondering: Who is the person behind such good reviews… just kidding. They’re mostly adequate. Hi!

The reviewer:

My name is Mariam and I’m a twenty one year old Virgo who is constantly trying to be more involved in things but absolutely fails due to insecurities.

Currently, I’m doing my second to last semester at university in English Literature (with an American Studies minor that no one really cares about hush America is gross). I can be quite busy sometimes but I am never too busy for reading. I try to incorporate my studies in my reviews as possible, in being analytical and fussy, I guess.

For a more “personal” insight: I am half-Persian and half-Bahraini (that’s in the middle-east) who grew up fighting with weight problems (I’m on the heavy side) and depression. I speak of my own marginalization often over at twitter (all my links linked below) and if you are not bothered enough, send me an inquiry!

I like to remind myself that I’m a bookworm because “Married to Fictional Characters” isn’t a proper introduction of my hobbies. I like reading, watching TV shows, and reading some more. It’s kind of my thing. I first started reviewing because

  1. I love books
  2. I believe good books are not just the popular books
  3. I wanted to spread word about indie published books that don’t get a movie/TV show deal
  4. and because my friend Fadwa encouraged me like… once.

I love the diverse book reviewers community over at Twitter and I love being part of the family of people who care about books and genuinely want to help. So, this is my effort in bringing forth diverse, well-written, excellently built universes into the lives of others who are desperate for a good book to dive into. Hence: Yummy books.

I have a complicated relationship with food and books so why not add both in the same line: These are my yummy books. My policy is: if it’s not yummy, why are you reading it? Well, Mariam, thank you for asking. Sometimes we gotta read books to make sure they don’t harm others. Sometimes we read books because they’re comforting and GOOD.

Onto the blog:

I mainly review books written by marginalized authors FOR marginalized readers because as a Bahraini youth, I find it so difficult to find books that have intersectional characters that can cover even two points of what makes me the person I am. I am a big feminist who is interested in bringing forth voices of incredible people doing the most in bringing their voices forward in a world that wants to silence them.

Reviews go up every two-three days, depending on the amount of books I finish during the week. I try to have something up at least once a week especially on bad slumps. Please be aware that I’m a busy college student and this blog is not only my sanctuary but also a spot of stress so be compassionate, yeah?

My following isn’t a big one, I admit, I have 688 followers on Twitter, where I recommend and link my followers to books I’m reading as well as update them with my progress. I have 72 followers on my blog and it’s not a bad number considering I started it very recently.

I like doing readathons and spotlight posts but I’ve been rather busy.

My favorite genres are fantasy, contemporary and historical fiction. I read anything with LGBT+ representation (as long as it’s not problematic), and a diverse MAIN cast (not interested in an obscure brown character in the background). I also am a big fan of romance, healthy romance. My favorite tropes are the usual: fake-dating, best friends to lovers, enemies to lovers (who are really not actually hateful) and the good-ole mutual pining to sprinkle on top of everything, really.

All of my reviews are posted on my blog, Goodreads and linked in my Twitter account automatically.

As you’ll see in my side-line, I am a NetGalley reviewer and I try my best to read at least three to four arcs a month (depending on how many I get approved for!)

Finally, you can refer to my Review Policy and use the tabs on the side to check the list of Reviews I’ve already done. I’ll make sure to update my links often.

Goodreads and Twitter are my two main platforms where I’m outrageously politically correct and raging about how you need to read my favorite books.