eARC REVIEW: My Fair Lover by Nicole Jordan

My Fair Lover CoverTitle: My Fair Lover (Legendary Lovers #5)

Author: Nicole Jordan

Expected Publication Date: August 29, 2017

Publisher: Ballantine Books

Rating: ★★★/ 3 Stars

Genre: Historical Romance

Lady Katherine Wilde believes she has crushed any lingering romantic feelings toward Brandon Deverill, who spurned her six years ago. And now that the rough-edged rogue needs polishing to claim his inheritance, she’s willing to strike a practical bargain: Kate will mold the brash privateer into an acceptable English nobleman if Deverill will safeguard her from brigands on a voyage to recover lost family treasure. However, the soul-melting kiss that seals their agreement just may reignite blazing passion.

Brandon’s fortitude was sorely tested when he turned Kate away from his bed all those years ago. Even a rake such as he wouldn’t seduce an innocent beauty before sailing into battle. But now that he’s inherited a title and must take a suitable bride, he sets his sights on Kate. Though he fiercely desires her, true love is a notion that baffles him–until their adventure turns perilous and Brandon realizes he’d gladly trade his life to save the woman who has captured his heart.

—I received an electronic advanced readers’ copy from NetGalley for free in exchange for an honest review.—

My Fair Lover isn’t a bad book, per se, but I really had a hard time liking it since it was so predictable and some part of it got on my nerves.

The usage of words “masculine” “feminine” “male” “female” got so much on my nerves. It was so heternormative to the level of sickening. We get it, you’re a woman who’s weak to dudes! That’s hardly something new or interesting. Next!

Brandon’s pursuit of Kate didn’t appeal to me. It seemed like he rarely got her consent whenever he touched her. She didn’t outwardly say no, but he still seemed very pushy to me. Whether it was by endangering her reputation on purpose; so they’d be married, or by telling her she’s too stunted and that she needed to loosen up. I didn’t enjoy that at all.

The plot was not as predictable as I thought it would be so that was its saving point. It did have a good pacing to it and didn’t entirely drag.

Since it’s the fifth in a series of standalones, it was in the same universe as other couples. I got the sense that there is a bigger picture but it’s not necessary to read all books to get to this one.

There is also a villainous character that got called witch a lot… I know she’s bad and all but come on, I got sick of how Kate saw Madam X as this source of inherit evil.

Overall, the book didn’t leave much of an impact on me and I don’t really see myself being interested in the series seeing as the writing didn’t appeal to me very much. Sometimes… less is better…?

If you like: second-chances, matchmaker gets matchmade(?), lotsa pre nupital sex… maybe this one is for you!


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