REVIEW: Just Drive by L. A. Witt

just driveTitle: Just Drive (Anchor Point #1)

Author: L. A. Witt

Publication Date: November 19, 2016

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Rating: ★★★★★/ 5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary, m/m romance

For Sean Wright, driving a cab in the tiny Navy town of Anchor Point isn’t an exciting job . . . until he picks up just-dumped Paul Richards. A drive turns into a walk on the pier, which turns into the hottest hookup Sean’s had in ages.

After a long overdue breakup, Paul can’t believe his luck. Of all the drivers, he’s picked up by the gorgeous, gay, and very willing Sean. Younger guys aren’t usually his thing, but Paul can’t resist.

One taste and neither man can get enough . . . right up until they realize that Paul is Sean’s father’s commanding officer and the last man Sean should be involved with.

With two careers on the line, their only option is to back off. It’s not easy, though; the sex and the emotional connection are exactly what both men have been craving for a long time. But Paul has devoted twenty-four years to his career and his dream of making admiral. If he’s caught with Sean, that’s all over. He has to choose—stay the course, or trade it all for the man who drove off with his heart.

Trigger Warning: ableist language such as “crazy” and “insane” used very often, and anxiety related to homophobia in the military.

Welcome, children, to another review of a book I was recommended by the one and only Leah! First of all, Leah knows exactly what I need and the past week, I took my leisure time and just read the greatness that is Just Drive.

Second of all, this book is my first foray into Witt’s writing and it has been such a bliss I’m just so excited to start Afraid to Fly (which is about Travis!!!)

Let’s get started.

This book is excellent for fans of age-gaps between two men, who aren’t afraid to voice out insecurities about their bodies, who would let their hunger get the best of them at times and be reckless, who would be very very open to communication and love physical contact that doesn’t necessarily end in hot and heavy penetrative-sex.

I loved this book despite the bits of anxiety that it gave me about them being found out as lovers by anyone because the characters of Sean (the younger guy) and Paul (the older guy) were so lovable and easy to get into. They felt like real people whose actions, bodies, minds were open to me to read and understand and sympathize.

Witt’s definitely talented in writing conversation that made me root for them to have a happy ending (which they get! no sads here!) and her skills in writing two grown men who aren’t scared to voice out their feelings are exceptional.

Paul and Sean both have such rich differences but they find this point of connection that goes beyond physicality (though the sex is great, believe them,) and it offers them an outlet for so many frustration. Despite the age gap, both men have had so much of their lives changed to the worse because of their connection to the military. Witt goes deep in exposing the hardships for people in the military. Sean’s whole life as an army brat, while he was dependent on the army to cover his bills, he couldn’t trust the army not to ruin his family life, which is what it did. Paul on the other hand had had to hide so much of who he was because of the strict rules of the army.

This bit about the both of them was so good to read although it was painful because you could feel the pain they went through.

The cast isn’t big which is another emphasis of how much the military has taken from Sean (a chance at friends, peers of his own age, beyond his dad) and Paul (lovers, family, even pets! Get the man a dog!!!) Though we have incredible cameos of Paul’s friend Travis who is also a military man who’s got chronic pain due to an injury. Travis and Paul’s friendship is brief yet I loved every aspect of it because they supported one another so nicely. It’s so rare for me to find friendships in m/m books where it’s between two dudes, since people have a misconception that talking about one’s feelings isn’t what we want as readers. That. Is. False. Give me more male/male friendships!

Sean has a great character development. He came off a bit shy and closed off in the beginning which makes him unfurling, to be this passionate person who isn’t afraid to tell his father of what has been niggling at him for ages, even the better.

Overall, the book handles love between two people who can’t be together due to circumstances so well. There is a great deal of sacrificing a lot of them have to do to get what they truly want in the end.

I would recommend it to you if you like:

  • responsive lovers in bed
  • reckless sex scenes (nothing unhealthy, they just do it although they could be found out)
  • happy endings
  • realistic body representation: Paul is old and he is self-conscious of how his body isn’t 25 anymore
  • FLUFFY two men who are slightly afraid of society but not too afraid to let their love be wasted

Thank you so much for reading! If this review made you want to read this book, share it so more would open their eyes to the beauty that is Witt’s books!


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