eARC REVIEW: Last Semester by Corine Mekaouche

last semester

Title: Last Semester

Author: Corine Mekaouche

Publication Date: April 21, 2017

Rating: ★/ 1 Star

Genre: Contemporary NA

When Johanna ‘Jo’ Gold, witty college life blogger and senior at Rutan University, decides to move in with three male strangers her last semester of school, her life unexpectedly turns upside down. While dealing with her new roommates, A.J., the pompous rich kid who feels trapped in following his father’s footsteps; Rob, the prematurely engaged former womanizer who tries to force Jo out of the house at all costs; and Drew, the 21-year-old virgin genius whose encounters with women have been more than limited, Jo learns that change isn’t always easy and it’s up to her to learn how to survive the remainder of her time at Rutan the best that she can. Along with searching for her missing mother, figuring out a clever way to pay for school tuition on her own, and dealing with the childish pranks brought on by a certain roommate, Jo’s issues seem more complicated than the average 21-year-old. Can Jo endure the dramatic perils of college while planning for life after graduation?

Warning: This review is a negative one. Don’t read if you’ve read and enjoyed this book.

First of all, I’d like to say this is like my third time throughout my whole life that I’d given up on a book. I read a good bit of it. I am usual an advocate to giving books a chance but I honestly can’t be bothered with this one. I’m very sorry.

Second of all, if you’ve read this book and enjoyed it, good for you, but maybe stop here and don’t read more.

Third of all, this will be short.

I received a free eARC from NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.

Last Semester revolves around Johanna, an english major going through her last semester. Jo thinks her life is too safe and boring, and because her roommate blasts one too many britney remix songs, which is an obvious offense, she decides to take on the ad that reads “Roommate wanted…” on the bulletin board.

I did not like Jo one bit. She gives me a lot of “I’m not like other girls” vibe especially when talking about her former roommate Kira, who’s supposed to be her friend. She criticized her for liking pink, and playing music during finals which while I agree is rude is not a reason to be dissing someone behind their back, as well as using perfume that doesn’t suit Jo’s taste. Seriously? I hate when characters do that. Act like they’re very special by alienating themselves from other girls. Seriously, it will not kill you not to use the phrase “Girly Girl.” While having that mental spiel about Kira, she also thinks, “Who am I to judge?” Exactly. Stop it, girl. You might think I’m harsh on Jo, but I honestly have zero patience for female characters like this. She reeks of internalized misogyny.

Then we get to meet her new roommates.

Douchebag #1: A.J. who’s the poster child for FUCKBOY. This guy goes around basically spewing all kind of insulting shit. He literally looks at two “big” girls and judges them for drinking frappachinos… Seriously? I thought we were done with fatphobia. Then he goes on to talk about his roommates, making it obvious he’s got no respect or liking for the two, though they sure think he likes them… W T F? A.J. has a sad backstory, mommy and daddy were too busy to care for him and sent him to a private school, that’s why he’s an asshat… not anything else… right.

Douchebag #2: Rob who’s a freaking serial cheater. He’s cheated on his girlfriend so much the girl is paranoid! Rob freaks out when Jo moves in because his girlfriend, now fiance, will freak out because THE GUY IS A CHEATER, he will probably cheat! So, what does Rob do? He tries to force Jo to move out. Going through her things in the bathroom cabinet and THROWING THEM OUT IN THE FRONT YARD. He wastes her shit and never fucking apologizes properly! This guy deserves to get his ass kicked.

Roommate #3: Drew. Drew isn’t a douchebag but who knows maybe he is, I didn’t read enough. I don’t care enough about Drew. He did react normally but then he had to get creepy. So, Drew and Rob go up to Jo’s room to “apologize” for Rob’s shitty “prank” and when Jo opens the door in her underwear (because that’s a thing you do when you’re living with 3 guys! Right!!!) they do nothing but stare at her. Drew also apparently can’t look at her face anymore… it’s either tits or nothing. SMH. Also drew’s only thing is that he’s a neat freak virgin who speaks “big words.” Okay, dude, bye.

As I said, I’ll keep this short. Seeing as these are the POVs I’ll have to read, I hope y’all will understand why I gave up on this book so early on. I apologize if anyone takes any offense to something I’ve said. This is 100% my opinion and it does not reflect my liking of the author or her future works.


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