Cover Reveal: Ripped Pages by M. Hollis

Ripped pages.pngHello my naughty children!

Today’s post is extra special because it is my first ever of this type and as you can see from the banner, IT IS A COVER REVEAL!

I received the honor from Hollis herself to post her upcoming work’s cover here on my blog among other bloggers! I am so hyped about reading everything Hollis writes because she’s a genius and gets exactly what my little f/f deprived heart yearns for!

Things you probably will like about this:
It is a Rapunzel retelling.
It is f/f romance.
It is WRITTEN by Hollis! The genius who wrote The Melody of You and Me and The Paths We Choose!

Without further ado, here you go!

Ripped pages small cover2.jpg


Princess Valentina lives a reasonably comfortable life, but after her mother’s death, her father gets tired of taking care of her and locks her in a tower. She spends years on her own, talking to the birds on her windowsill, and reading books with adventures she will never experience. Her plans of running away are usually left for another day because she knows the vast forest surrounding her tower is too dangerous to cross alone.

Until one day, another girl passes by on her horse and Valentina wonders if she’s finally brave enough to seize her chance of freedom.


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