#HMReadathon wrap-up post!

Hey, everyone!

c_gv7pqwaaaq-l3I hope you are all having a good day, I certainly am!

I am so happy to have started something in the name of supporting a much respected friend and author!

Hannah is hella cute and I wanted this to be a reminder to her that her work can bring joy and entertainment! If you’re reading this, Hannah, thank you for your hard work in creating!

Also: I wanna say thank you to Christine @storysalve, Benni @librarybenni and Ava @bookishwithtea for participating and using the hashtag on twitter! I am so proud of y’all and of myself. It was so much fun to read your tweets and reactions since I believe we read similar books!

Unfortunately, I hit a slump two days ago and I couldn’t finish A History of Glitter and Blood. But, I still have it so I’ll probably pick it up again when I’m in a fantasy mood! I want to do a quick wrap up of the books I did read. My review of Teeth will be up soon, so there’s that to look forward to!


Invincible Summer is a great summer read filled with beautiful imgery of summer and the breathtaking complex relationships within a family. It is a book brimming with Moskowitz charm from confused teenagers such as Chase to even more confused adults such as his parents and older brother Noah. Gone, Gone, Gone is probably my favorite book out of the bundle of three as it dealt with a teenager who was not dealt a good hand by his ex-boyfriend. It gave me so many feelings, both nice and sad and made me smile at very cute instances as Craig and Lio navigated their friendships with very intense romantic feelings going on. Finally, Teeth wins the spot for the most heart-wrenching book. I remember saying that I want something light after GGG but for some reason, my heart led me to Teeth! It’s hefty with metaphors and the entire thing felt like a bittersweet allegory as our favorite Rudy befriends a fishboy who he does quite a bit to save.

Overall, excellent books and I’m so happy to finally have a taste of Hannah’s talented brain! She made me groan with pain so often I was sure she could sense my agony! I definitely loved seeing her writing style develop and yet maintain such a distinctive taste of strong familial relationships as well as alive main characters who made for incredible narrators. I can’t wait to read more of Hannah’s books and you should too!

You can find more posts related to this Readathon in the tag “Hannah Moskowitz Readathon” easily.

If you have read any of the books above, link me to your reviews so we can have  Moskowitz chats!


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