Forever Friday ~1

captureForever Friday is a cute meme started by Weezie (@weezieswhimsicalwritings) where they showcase a book they’re going to love forever.

This is such a cute meme that I believe is important because who wouldn’t want to show the world those books that you fell so incredibly in love with that you believe you’ll love forever?

The book I chose for today is not the best book out there on anxiety and representation, but it’s the book that I read over and over since 2013 and felt so incredibly enamored by.


FANGIRL by Rainbow Rowell

I first read this book upon the recommendation of Amanda (LadyBookmad in twitter) on tumblr. It was late 2013 and I had finished a couple of Sarah Dessen books and wanted to see what was good in YA. Amanda opened my eyes to the world of Rainbow Rowell and since then I’ve been totally in love with the way she used words.

Cath’s story rung so true to me since I had just began university only a couple of months before I read the book and I just couldn’t help but feel like she spoke my true feelings. I was also a big part of fandom and writing fanfiction was something I loved doing at times. It was through Cath’s anxiety that I could put a name to the queasy feeling in my chest at more times than I could recall, or all the times I just let my tears overwhelm me. I’ve always been a very emotional child growing up, resorting to tantrums to the level where everyone at home would ignore me for hours and sometimes days. I learned to keep everything inside.

Through Cath’s experience in college, I could actually find an outlet of myself. I realize this book isn’t the best on anxiety but at the time, as a newbie into this whole spectrum of how emotions worked in my mind, it made so much sense to me. I also fell in love with the romance. I might have romanticized it a bit, the entire finding friends who’d push me out of my bubble and all. I am not saying that there is nothing I’d change about this book, but it was a good book that I don’t think I can read without feeling so happy. I named it my comfort book once and I don’t think I’d be honest for THE Mariam who read this book over five times to just simply ignore it now.

Bear in mind that I’m not denying that this book has some problematic aspects to it concerning mental illness representation, I’m simply talking about the good stuff about it that I could relate to when I first read this.



For a book about fandom deals with mental illness in a better way and has a very diverse cast, please check out QUEEN OF GEEK by Jen Wilde which I’ve reviewed previously and LOVED!

For books that are somewhat similar comfort books, keep an eye on my Forever Friday in which I’ll be talking about those really feel-good books that I personally had the pleasure of reading.

Major thanks to Weezie for introducing this cool concept. Make sure to give their blog a visit and a like from me! More thanks to Leah (Small Queer, Big Opinions) who also is taking part of this and for generally being the coolest wife I have.


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