LIST: April wrap up.

IMG_0154Despite having multiple messy mental breakdowns IN PUBLIC, and A GENDER REVELATION, I read ten books and one reread. Hallelujah. I ignored numerous tests and assignments. Or rather, they ignored ME, and left me to read. My blog finally started picking up more views with my review of THE UPSIDE OF UNREQUITED thanks to Becky Albertalli retweeting it. Also, I received some eARCs on NetGalley and from authors for reviewing! That was fun. I wrote a short story of two parts which I will link in the bottom. It’s very personal and sort of written as a reaction to people’s horrible statements online about what bisexual means. The book community on twitter has not been on its best behavior the past month.


THE BLUEST EYE by Toni Morrison (★★★★★/ 5 stars) – read for my special author class which focuses on race theories, this book was incredible and I loved every bit.

A MONSTER CALLS by Patrick Ness (★★★★/4 stars) – read for my bookclub, a short eloquent book about a 13 year old boy dealing with the fact that his mother is dying of cancer.

QUEENS OF GEEK by Jen Wilde (★★★★★/5 stars) – three best friends fly to the US from Australia to attend SupaCon where f/f romance happens and friends-to-lovers trope which is filled with diversity and good relatable feelings.


THE UPSIDE OF UNREQUITED by Becky Albertalli (★★★★★/5 stars) – Molly’s had crushes all her life, she just never dared to speak her feelings, until her sister Cassie falls for this dream girl and decides to get her a boyfriend. Plus size main girl and love interest, filled with adorableness and possibly my favorite book of 2017.

SIMON VS THE HOMO SAPIEN AGENDA by Becky Albertalli (★★★★★/5 stars) – Nothing like a quick re-read of one of my favorite contemporaries ever. If you don’t know what this one is about, check this link.

THE MELODY OF YOU AND ME by M. Hollis (★★★★★/5 stars) – a short cute f/f story about two college aged girls who meet when Josie starts working at the bookshop where Chris also worked. It’s got some explicit sex scenes but they’re classy.


GOLDEN BOY by Abigail Tarttelin (★★★★★/5 stars) – about an intersex teen named Max who is r*ped by his best friend and his whole perfect life turns upside down.

THE BONE WITCH by Rin Chupeco (★★★★/4 stars) – Geisha inspired fantasy where a young girl, Tea, comes into power as a bone witch capable of raising the dead… starting with her own brother.

OUR CHEMICAL HEARTS by Krystal Sutherland (★★★★/4 stars) – Henry Page falls in love at first sight against all of his ideas about love, with a girl in far too much grief about her boyfriend’s sudden death to reciprocate without hurting him.


HAVEN by Rebekah Weatherspoon (★★★★/4 stars) – Erotica, heavy on the sex, deals with two people who meet under sensitive circumstances.

THE TRAITOR’S TUNNEL by C. M. Spivey (★★★★/4 stars) – Fantasy novella about two estranged siblings meeting up due to coincidence. Has f/f relationship, a panromanric ace trans man and all of the love interests are brown/black.

Currently Reading


SIX OF CROWS by Leigh Bardugo – A re-read of my all time favorite fantasy YA book, which I’ll review on my blog since I didn’t.

THE PRINCESS DIARIST by Carrie Fisher – I picked this up because of my love for Fisher but I think my love is dwindling because of all the talk of infidelity.

My Short Story!

The Taste of Lip Gloss


Like They Do in the Movies



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